Jamón ibérico de bellota Berman, elaborado de forma natural en Guijuelo

Jamon iberico - Iberian Ham

Discover authentic Iberian ham, a Spanish gastronomic jewel recognized throughout the world.

At Berman Ibéricos we pride ourselves on offering products of the highest quality, made from Iberian pigs raised in the best pastures. A unique product that ensures an incomparable flavor and texture.

Variedad de Jamones ibéricos Berman

Jamones ibericos

At Berman Ibéricos we have a wide range of Iberian Hams, made in Guijuelo in a traditional way.

Jamon iberico (Iberian Ham) production process

To obtain a quality product, the selection of the raw material is as important as the entire manufacturing process. For this reason, at Berman it is carried out in a 100% artisanal way in its drying rooms and natural cellars.The Iberian pigs are slaughtered and cut up in the slaughterhouse and subsequently the process of salting the hams and shoulders is carried out.

Ham salting

This process is very important and in it the different pieces are coated with coarse salt for a period equivalent to one day for each kg of product.

Natural curing

Once the hams and shoulders are salted, they are washed to remove the excess salt and their slow natural curing process begins. The curing of Iberian products requires two fundamental aspects: time and air.The hams and shoulders are hung in natural drying rooms and cellars until they reach optimal curing for sale. The time that elapses from the post-salting of the pieces until their final curing varies depending on the product, from the two and three years required for the minimum bait pieces to the four and five years required for the acorn pieces, the maximum quality.

The importance of climate and Guijuelo

Time is needed but also air… the location of the factory in Guijuelo plays a fundamental role here.The climate in Guijuelo is continental, with very low humidity all year round and two very distinct seasons, winter and summer.The winters are long and cold with common night frosts and the summers are very short and hot.The altitude of Guijuelo, 1010 meters above sea level, and the proximity to the Sierra de Gredos mean that the area is at the mercy of cold and dry air that favors the dehydration of the Iberian pieces.The sweating that occurs in the short but intense summer favors the infiltration of fat and causes the Iberian hams to acquire their nuances in terms of flavor, aroma and texture.

Opening and closing windows

The curing process is completely natural and is carried out by opening and closing the windows of the drying rooms and cellars depending on the weather each day.The selection of Iberian pork combined with the slow and natural preparation of Iberian hams results in a high-quality Iberian product.